Acting Notes: Character Sketch

Project #1:  Character Sketches




Ask and answer some basic questions about your character:




1.      What is my character’s purpose?



2.      What is my character’s function in the play/scene?



3.      Am I playing a protagonist, an antagonist, or a foil?



4.      Is my character there for comic relief?



5.      What does my character want to do?



6.      What does my character want to be?



7.      What is my character’s goal in the play/scene? (state the answer to this question in the form of a verb)



8.      How well adjusted to others is my character?



9.      Is my character shy or uninhibited?



10.  How intelligent is my character?



11.  In what ways has environment influenced my character?



12.  What are my character’s particular problems?



13.  Is my character meeting or avoiding responsibilities?  How or why?



14.  How does my character react to all of the other characters in the play?



15.  Does my character unknowingly avoid the main issues in situations?



16.  Is my character cynical, talkative, rowdy, tense, aggressive, charming, friendly, fearful, envious, courageous, or idealistic?  Why?