• Safety Website Overview

    The Board of Education of Marlboro Central School District is committed to providing a safe and orderly school environment where students may receive and district personnel may deliver quality educational services without disruption or interference. The intent of this website is to provide a comprehensive collection of safety topics, training and awareness materials, an additional information to assure that each employee understands their role in keeping our students and ourselves, safe.

    Each year, every employee must complete a certification waiver which serves to assure the Superintendent that each employee is aware of these topics, procedures and points of contact. Below and in alphabetical order, each topic is listed and accompanied by a description, training media, school contact and related resources. 

    2020-21 Employee Compliance Certification     (Due for All employees by 9/15/20)

    Please view the Compliance video. The video covers many of the topics listed below. Once the topics below are reviewed and understood, please proceed to the Employee Certification page and follow the steps to complete your reporting obligation.

    2021 Compliance Video -  Click here to view

    Print the compliance contact form for your records.


    Alcohol - Substance Abuse

    The Marlboro Board of Education is committed to the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use and abuse. This policy describes the philosophy of the District and the program elements the District will use to promote wellness for its students and staff and to inhibit the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.. 

    Training mediaPolicy 6150, Alchohol, Drugs, and Other SubstancesCompliance Training Video

    School Contact: Building Principal or Assistant Superintendent

    Related Resources: MCSD Board of Education Policies 

    Bloodborne Pathogens

    OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard were designed to protect workers. In effect since 1992 the goal was to prevent occupational transmission of diseases potentially present in blood and bodily fluids.

    Training mediaCompliance Training Video

    School Contact: Facilities Director, Director of Business & Finance

    Related Resources: OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens   

    Child Abuse in the School - Mandatory Reporting

    The Marlboro Central School District subscribes to all of the provisions of Title 6 - Child Protective Services of the Social Services Law (Sections 411-428). Our purpose is to provide protective services to abused and maltreated children as described by the law, and to make all school personnel within the District aware of our legal responsibilities under this law: a) Mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse/neglect directly to the Building Principal and/or proper authorities.

    Training media: New York State Mandatory Reporter Guidelines, Compliance Training Video

    School Contact: Building Principal or any other administrator

    Related resources: NYS Office of Children and Family Services 

    Codes of Conduct

    The District has developed and will amend, as appropriate, a written Code of Conduct for the Maintenance of Order on School Property, including school functions, which shall govern the conduct of students, teachers and other school personnel, as well as visitors and/or vendors. The Board of Education shall further provide for the enforcement of such Code of Conduct. 

    Training mediaPolicy 3410, Code of Conduct on School Property.

    School Contact: Building Principal or other direct supervisor

    Related Resources: MCSD Board of Education Policies 

    COVID19 - Return to Learn Required Training

    The following segment has been developed to guide educators and staff on the required training portions of the Return to Learn Plan. The information is organized in a manner that is consistent with Marlboro's Return to Learn Plan. Please click the link below to proceed to the training site.

    Training mediaReturn to Learn Required Training website

    School Contact: Building Principal or Assistant Superintendents; M. Bakatsias & R. Mele

    Related Resources for Classrooms: MCSD Return to Learn Plan 

     Dignity for All Students Act

    The Marlboro Central School District is committed to providing an environment free from harassment, bullying, cyberbullying and/or discrimination against any student by employees or students that creates a hostile school environment based on a person's actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex.

    Click here more information on your school's DASA coordinator and how to report a concern or incident. If you have any other questions, please contact your school Principal.

    Training media: Compliance Training Video

    School Contact: Building Principal, Assistant Superintendent

    Related resources: DASA ppt, OU BOCES ppt, NYSED/DASA     

    Education Law 2D - Data Privacy & Security

    The Board of Regents adopted Part 121 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education on January 13, 2020. These rules implemented Education Law Section 2-d and provide guidance to educational agencies and their third-party contractors on ways to strengthen data privacy and security to protect student data and annual professional performance review data. The regulation went into effect January 29, 2020. 

    Training media: Ed Law 2d Video Part  1, Ed Law 2d Video Part 2Educator's Guide to Data Safety, Parent Bill of Rights, Data Privacy Complaint Form, Third Party Addendum - Student Data Privacy

    School Contact: District Data Protection Officer, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Related Policies: MCSD Board of Education Policies; Policy 7240 - FERPA; 5672 - Information Security Breach and Notification; 5673 - Employee Personal Identifying Information; 7243 - Student Data Breaches  

    Related Resources: Data Security Flyer, Data Protection Poster 

    Equal Opportunity - Title IX

    The Marlboro Central School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age or any other basis prohibited by stae or federal non-discrimination laws.  

    Training mediaPolicy 6120, Equal Employment Opportunity

    School Contact: Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Related Resources: MCSD Board of Education Policies;   


    The Marlboro Central School District installs and maintains high-tech safety and surveillance equipment. Each school building is locked throughout the day, access to the building is managed through access control technology which allows staff to view and interact with a visitor to the school prior to entry. Visitors are then received by school monitors for sign in procedures and to address needs. In addition, each school maintains a fleet of security cameras that allow for electronic surveillance of outside areas, hallways and stairwells. These systems work together to provide an additional layer of safety and security for students and staff. 

    Handbook - Teacher / Faculty

    The Marlboro Central School District provides a "Teacher Handbook" that outlines a variety of professional and general school responsibilities for teachers and professional faculty.

    Training mediaMCSD Teacher Handbook

    School Contact: School Principal 

    Harassment - Sexual

    The Marlboro Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs or the activities which it operates. Sexual harassment of employees and students is illegal and the district will strive to safeguard the rights of all employees and students within the district and to provide an environment that is free from sexual harassment. This policy relates to sexual harassment including that contemplated by Title VII and IX of the US Code.

    Training mediaCompliance Training Video; Harassment Complaint Form

    School Contact: Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Related Resources: Policy 6121, Sexual Harassment, Policy 3420 Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment   

    Homeless Students (McKinney-Vento)

    Important changes related to McKinney-Vento were included in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). The changes went into effect October 1, 2016, and include: expanded transportation protections until the end of the school year for temporarily housed students who move into permanent housing.

    Training mediaUS Department of Housing Fact Sheet

    School Contact: Principal, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Related Resources: McKinney-Vento 101 

    Internet, Use of Computerized Resources & Online Safety

    As the roles of students, parents, schools, and districts evolve in response to technological change, so does the potential of educational technology to support new forms of communication, collaboration, and learning. The Internet  and other collaboration tools are essential to education, future careers, and lives, yet ways of socializing and communicating on the Internet come with certain risks. Each employee with a school account is required to complete the "Acceptable Use Policy for Computerized Equipment" at the beginning of each year. While the school, by law (CIPA) must maintain certain safety programs and protocols required, it is also essential that employees behave appropriately online and use services and equipment for educational purposes.

    Training mediaCompliance Training Video

    School Contact: Assistant Superintendent

    Related Resources: Polcy 6450, Staff Use of Computerized Resources 

    Mental Health

    Misunderstanding about mental health can lead to negative attitudes the prevent people with mental illness from being accepted and supported, and can make it harder for them and their families to get help and lead productive lives in their communities. People can and do recover from mental health problems. Learning about developing symptoms, or early warning signs, and taking action, can help. Early intervention can reduce the severity of an illness. It may even be possible to delay or prevent a major mental illness altogether.

    Training mediaOU BOCES Mental Health training document

    School Contact: Principal or direct supervisor

    Related resourcesUlster County Mental Health 

    Parents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy & Security

    In accordance with the requirements of Section 2-d that was added to the New York Education Law, the Marlboro Central School District (MCSD) provides the following Parents’ Bill of Rights with respect to maintaining the privacy and security of student data:

    • A student's personally identifiable information cannot be sold or released for any commercial purposes;
    • Parents have the right to inspect and review the complete contents of their child's education record;
    • State and federal laws protect the confidentiality of personally identifiable information, and safeguards associated with industry standards and best practices, including but not limited to, encryption, firewalls, and password protection, must be in place when data is stored or transferred. This includes third-party vendors' software and programs which require students to "sign-in" with personal information. Each vendor must have a signed "Addendum to Agreement" on file with the Office of Curriculum & Instruction. 

    Training mediaParents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy & Security; FERPA

    School Contact: Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Related resourcesNYSED Student Data Privacy 


    Each main entrance to our school buildings have monitors observing and assisting visitors to each school. Additional monitors are employed to supervise students during lunch, recess, hallways and other outdoor areas and parking lots. A School Resource Officers is available to each school and travel in between school buildings. The people are police officers assigned to the school and work with administration, staff and students to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. Additionally they offer their expertise in school safety discussions, trainings and assist in communications with our local police department. 


    The Board of Education maintains many school policies that address safety to include but not limited to visitors to the school, conduct on school property, anti-harassment, and many others. To go to the Board of Education school policy page, click here. 

    Right to Know

    The district provides employees a workplace free from recognized hazards. It is illegal to retaliate against an employee for using any of their rights under the law, including raising a health and safety concern with you or with OSHA, or reporting a work-related injury or illness.

    Training media: Compliance Training Video

    School Contact: Director of Facilities, Director of Business & Finance

    Related resources: Right to Know OSHA  

    School Safety Teams (SAVE - Schools Against Violence in Education)

    Each school maintains a school safety team. The safety team discusses safety related concerns and assists the building in reviewing building safety protocols and plans. School administrators, district administrators, monitors, teachers, students and Safety Resource Officers are commonly found on these teams. The district also maintains a safety team which meets regularly to review safety in our buildings and discuss training and resources to help ensure a safe safe learning environment for all students.

    SCHOOL SAFETY: The Safe School Against Violence in Education (SAVE) and Section 100.2(1) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education require that each school district adopt a written policy on school conduct and discipline “designed to promote responsible student behavior.”

    School safety plans include but are not limited to:

    • threat assessment
    • emergency response team
    • prevention and intervention
    • responses to threats and violence - lockdown, lockout, evacuate, shelter

    During the school year, you will experience a variety of drills to include, fire, early dismissal, bus drills and lock downs. In the plan we refer to these as standard response protocols or SRP's. Each classroom should have safety related information posted near the door, please see the Classroom poster below and be sure you are familiar with this information. For more information, please see the links below or contact your Principal.

    Training media: Standard Response Protocol sponsored by "I Love U Guys" foundation 

                            Staff Training Presentation 9/5/2017 (PDF)  (PowerPoint)

                            Threat Assessment, Spring 2017 Training, NYS Trooper Craig Vedder

                            Classroom SRP Poster - English, Spanish      **To be posted in all classrooms

                            Student-Parent Handout - English, Spanish   

                            Public Address Poster               

                            Lockdown Drill Guidance       Post Drill Connections 

    School Contact: Building Principal

    Related resources: NYSED Safe Schools Actiloveuguys.org 

     Sex Offender Registry

    The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services allows you to be able to view information on sex offenders in our area.  The site also contains information on missing children and related information. To visit the Criminal Justic page goto http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/index.htm 

    Click here to search the sex offender registry for your area.


    2018-19 Employee Compliance Certification

    (To be completed by each employee by September 15)

    Once the topics above are reviewed and understood, please proceed to the Employee Certification page and follow the steps to complete your reporting obligation.