Welcome to Mr. Barbulean's Homepage

    My email address is - Brian.Barbulean@marlboroschools.org

    This is a place where you may interact with the teacher and find the links to assignments and websites that will help you with what we are learning in class this year.

    For 2020-2021 I will be teaching SUPA PST 101- public affairs, SUPA ECN 203 economic ideas and issues, global 9 honors, and Soc 101 principles of sociology. All of these classes have unique components and the ultimate goal is retention and appreciation of history, society, and civics. If you ever have any questions about what is going on in class contact me immediately.

    Mr. Barbulean and Google Classroom   -

    Below you will find the access codes for Google Classroom.

    We will be utilizing Google Classroom for all of the work you will need to complete and turn in for Public Affairs, Economics, Global 9 Honors, and Sociology.



    You will need to use your marlboroschools.org email address to access/use Google Classroom.

    To get connected to your class:

    1) Go to classroom.google.com (You can use this link to login in to Google Classroom in the future!)

    2) Sign in using your marlboroschools.org email address.

    3) You should be prompted to join a class using the appropriate code below. Make sure you use the code for the correct class!



    Period 1- SOC 101- Sociology-                                                 ylfeotc

    Period 2- Global 9 honors-                                                       er3qhpx

    Period 4- SOC 101- Sociology-                                                 6tbtkig

    Period 8- College Intro to Analysis of Public Policy PST 101 -      bqeqp6w
    Period 9- College Intro to Analysis of Public Policy PST 101 -       zoxs4g3


    If you accidentally enter the wrong code, just enroll in the correct class and tell me so I can delete you from the wrong one!

    If you run into trouble, please let me know!

Last Modified on September 4, 2020