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    Autodesk Software and Computer Programming 
    Grades are now posted online under Parent Portal 
    Important Online Class Update (updated on 6/10)
    ***New York Schools are closed for the remainder of the academic year, per directive from
    Governor Cuomo. Online Instruction will continue until June 11th (for students). Final grades will be due on June 16th.
    4th Quarter Progress Reports have been submitted*** 
    Due to the recent closures caused by COVID-19, online classwork will be required.
    When we move to an online model, our classes will not change dramatically.
    Our classes are computer based.  We have an advantage.  
    We will continue using Google Classroom. As always, assignments will be posted here and on GC.
    Screencasts are now live on Google Classroom.  Click on your assignments to view them.
    In terms of new information, our class requirements will hold steady.  
    4th Quarter Grades will be based on a Pass/Fail system.  Please refer to the email/memo sent home from MCSD for further details.
     Final Exams are given at Teacher's Discretion.  There will be no Final Exam for our Tech/Computer classes.  
    In terms of each specific class...
    1)  Computer Programming - Coding will be completed on your personal chromebook or PC.  No change to class structure.
    2) TECH 1 and TECH 2 - We will begin the move to TinkerCAD online.  This is the only program that allows us to create designs using Chromebooks.  
    Please remember, this is an evolving situation.  
    My goal is not to overwhelm you with work because you are home.  Workload will not increase, workload will be scaled back.
    I will keep you updated through GC when more information is provided.
    Be safe and take care.
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    Mr. DeVenuto
    MHS Room 15