• Our National Junior Honor Society chapter at Marlboro Middle School is dedicated to upholding the commitment to character, leadership, citizenship, and community that we made when we pledged ourselves to the organization.  
    Requirements for NJHS:
      You must have an overall average of 90% or above in the five core classes in the first three quarters of seventh-grade.  The five core classes are ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science and Spanish. You also must have had a 90% or above for your final average in sixth-grade. 
       If you meet these grade requirements, you have met the scholarship component and you will receive an invitation.  The invitation will explain the additional requirements which include filling out a questionnaire, submitting an essay, submitting a letter of recommendation, and returning all materials by the deadline.  The final component of the evaluation is a faculty recommendation, based upon a scale that is sent out to all faculty members at the Middle School to evaluate potential members based upon character, service, leadership, and citizenship. 
       The final decision is made by an anonymous faculty council, where each student is looked at and judged on the areas of leadership, service, character, and citizenship.  These qualities are explained in the packet you will receive.  
       This is not a club; it is a national organization with high expectations.  It is not just about grades; that is what the honor roll is for. This is about the leadership, character, and the willingness and drive for service and citizenship.
      There is only one induction, which takes place during the spring for seventh-graders. No eighth-graders will be inducted. 
    If you have any questions please email Mrs. Plover at katherine.plover@marlboroschools.org or Ms. Case at jennifer.case@marlboroschools.org.