Fourth Grade Teachers

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

  • Dear Fourth Graders and families,

                        My name is Mrs. McCavara (Mick-Cav-rah), but some kids call me Mrs. McC (Mick-See).  I know you were probably looking forward to teaming this year, but in hopes of making the transition easier you will not be switching classes/teachers.  I hope you aren't too upset about that change, but I strongly believe this will allow us to build a strong remote-working-relationship for our 2020-2021 school year!  I will still be working with a great team of teachers in fourth grade, and we are planning and preparing lessons for all the fourth grade classes.  I would much rather be working with you in person, but we are really excited about the things we are learning to help make this whole distant thing work as best we can.  This year is going to be challenging and I not only hope to build a relationship with my students, but with your grown-ups, as well.  For the grown-ups, I look forward to working together to inspire the children and help them see that learning is really one of our greatest gifts! 

                        We will get through this together! I ask that students and grown-ups reach out to me via email with anything and everything.  I want to answer questions, help in any way that I can, and even see the silly or fun things you are doing.  Never hesitate to send me a picture of a pet, a plant, or a cool project you did.  Chances are you'll be seeing lots of pictures of my dogs, my gardens and plants, and anything I'm doing to keep myself learning and having fun!  


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Last Modified on August 27, 2020