• Marlboro High School is a comprehensive, four-year institution for students in Grades 9-12. It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools.  The curriculum consists of honor courses, college preparatory and occupationally related programs.  The school also has a cooperative college bridge program with Ulster County Community College in the areas of English, History, Business, Science, Psychology and Spanish.


    The Marlboro Middle School includes Grades 6-8.  The approach focuses on middle-level education including interdisciplinary teaming, a language arts core, and various academic support programs.


    The Marlboro Intermediate School includes Grades 3-5 and is housed in a newly constructed school adjacent to the Marlboro Elementary School.  It was completed in 2007 and it provides the space and technologies needed for a comprehensive school program. 


    Three elementary schools, Marlboro Elementary School, Milton Elementary School and Middle Hope Elementary School, comprise the District's K-2 curriculum. The elementary curriculum links communication to all learning.  Students engage in hands-on programs, literature-based programs, and comprehensive programs in health, technology, and the arts.


    Extra-curricular programs are emphasized in all schools.  A 1990-91 Middle States report had the following remarks in its' report:  "We commend the District for fostering social and civic values and a sense of family."  Middle States also noted 'the genuine sense of pride in the students' participation and their accomplishments.'


    2006-2007 DISTRICT PROFILE


    Administrative Staff

    Superintendent of Schools

    Assistant Superintendent of  Curriculum & Assessment

    School Business Official

    Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    Director of Technology

    High School Principal

    High School Assistant Principal

    Middle School Principal

    Middle School Assistant Principal

    Intermediate School Principal

    Intermediate School Assistant Principal

    Elementary Principals (3)


    Teacher and Support Personnel

    Teachers & Ancillary Personnel                             179

    Related Services                                                         21

    Clerical & Teacher Aides                                          88

    Buildings & Grounds/Custodial                                20

    Food Services                                                              22


    Name/Grade Levels/Enrollment of School Buildings

    Marlboro Elementary                     K-2                      224

    Milton Elementary                           K-2                     122

    Middle Hope Elementary               K-2                      90

    Marlboro Intermediate School    3-5                       441

    Marlboro Middle School                6-8                      539

    Marlboro High School                    9-12                    765

    TOTAL ENROLLMENT                2181



    Full Day  -  Entrance: 5 by Dec. 1st


    Average class size  (pupil to teacher ratio 20-1):

    K-2         -            23

    3-5         -            25

    6-8         -            25 Eng/SS

    9-12      -             27 Eng/SS



    District size (sq. miles)                                    -            51.2

    Number of walkers                   -            5%

    Number of students bused    -            95%


    Total Budget 2006-2007          -            $40,499,237