• Mental Health Awareness Month 


     With an open door policy the MMS counselors welcome all students for individual and group counseling sessions.

    Students are seen for academic, social-emotional and crisis issues.  We put a focus on college/career readiness with all of our students as well, via individual conferences with all students in grades 6-8; we use age and developmentally appropriate tools and goal oriented career inventories. Further, we work with students, parents, teachers and administrators serving as a liaison between school and community.  We assist with the transition/orientation process for 5th to 6th grade students as well as 8th to 9th grade via school assemblies and individual meetings.  We provide direction and guidance to students placed on academic probation and ineligibility lists within the academic eligibility program.  We provide counseling to students in order to help them develop internal behavior control and motivation to make appropriate choices and decisions.  We often meet with families and run mediation sessions between students when appropriate.  We see students with Individualized Education Plans on a regular basis.  In addition, our office is the center for grade reporting, 504 coordination and scheduling.  The counselors are active members of the Student Service Team, RTI Team and the Class Connections Bullying Prevention Program committee.  We continuously act as the link between outside agencies/alternative education programs and our students and their families, as we collaborate to assist them in finding their full potential.  Our support staff team is always available.
    The district has hired an additional School Counselor in keeping with our 2019 Guidance Plan, Ms. Woodburn, who spends 4 days in MES and 1 day in MHS.  She is a welcome and wonderful additon to our district School Counseling department and an asset to the elementary student support staff team!
    Ms. Susan Steinberg Smith, School Counselor (L-Z) 
    K-12 Coordinator
    Mrs. Candice Jordan, School Counselor (A-K) 
    Guidance and Counseling Office Secretary, Mrs. Suzanne Noto
    1375 Rte. 9W
    Marlboro, New York 
    Phone: 845 236-5844
    Extensions: Ms. Steinberg Smith: #4306
    Mrs. Jordan: #4307
    Mrs. Noto: #4300
    Fax:  845 236-3634