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    Book Club

    Creative Writing Club

    Drama Club

    FCCLA: Family Career Community Leaders of America

    Games Club

    Girls on the Run

    Middle School Ambassadors

    National Junior Honor Society

    Project Lit 

    Spanish Club 

    Student Council

    Video Club

    Voice Ensemble

    Yearbook Club

    6th Grade - Class of 2027

    7th Grade - Class of 2026

    8th Grade - Class of 2025



    OBJECTIVE: To provide a place for students who enjoy reading literature to choose and discuss novels of interest to them.

    ADVISOR: Mr. Hayden Carlin

    ADVISORS ROLE: To provide structure for the discussions and assist students in selecting their novels. 

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Students must be able to obtain the books that we are reading and attend the monthly meeting for discussions. 

    ACTIVITY DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes. The entire year. 

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Once a month on Wednesdays 

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/862


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: Creative Writing Club

    OBJECTIVE: To create a space that serves as a creative outlet for students who enjoy writing for pleasure. Students have the freedom to write poetry, lyrics, short stories, or novels.  

    ADVISOR: Mr. Hayden Carlin

    ADVISORS ROLE: To provide help to students with expanding upon existing ideas and assisting in the creation of new ones. 

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Students should bring a notebook to write in or a laptop to type on. 

    ACTIVITY DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes. The entire year. 

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Once or twice a month on Wednesdays

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/863


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    OBJECTIVE:  Prepare and perform one successful musical/dramatic production each year (four showings)

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Deana Solomon, Mrs. Amy Schaffer

    ADVISORS ROLE: Director/Producer, Director/Choreographer, Set Design, Sound Manager

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  6-8 graders must audition for a role within drama club, be it cast or stage Crew. Members adhere to a strict contract and 3-strike policy pertaining to behavior, rehearsals, and progress in learning their role. Cast and crew must be passing their classes; if at any point a student is failing two courses, they are removed from the program. It is a large time commitment. The club involves dancing, singing, memorization, and public speaking. 

    ACTIVITY DURATION: September-March (rehearsal), one week over the Summer (Bootcamp prep)

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: sporadic, depending on rehearsal groups. 

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/Page/6894


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: FCCLA Family Career Community Leaders of America

    OBJECTIVE: To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. AnnMarie Giacoia & Mrs. Chelsea Zehnacker

    ADVISORS ROLE: Guide officers and members in creating a chapter plan, encourage and guidepersonal and group projects,

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: 7 & 8 Grade  (FACS classes must be taken or scheduled for the year)

    ACTIVITY DURATION: year long with summer option of activities

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Most Tuesdays (see calendar on club page for dates of meetings and events)

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/734


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    OBJECTIVE: To ensure that all students can enjoy a variety of team and individual games in a competitive but supportive environment. 

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Hayden Carlin, Mr. Harrison Colandrea, Mr. Michael Monroe, Mr. Brian Shannon.

    ADVISORS ROLE: To ensure that participation is available to all students who sign up and sportsmanship is followed by all involved. 

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Permission slip and signed up on a weekly basis with Mr. Shannon. You must maintain good behavior at the club. 

    ACTIVITY DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes after school. The entire year. 

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Varies. Typically Wednesday or Thursday 

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/861


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      CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: Girls on the Run

    OBJECTIVE: "Girls will develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness"

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Nicole Wurster, (Volunteers: Mrs. Kate Plover, Mrs. Kelly Smith, Ms. Nicole Kellogg)

    ADVISORS ROLE: Liaison/Head Coach and Assistant Coaches  

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Program Fee (TBD) and Registration to be completed by parents 



    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/867


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: Middle School Ambassadors

    OBJECTIVE: Ambassadors interact with other students to prevent or stop mistreatment: exclusion, teasing, harassment, bullying and any forms of violence.  Ambassadors help their friends make better choices about how to treat others and help them avoid trouble.  

    ADVISORS: Mrs. Candice Jordan and Mrs. Susan Steinberg Smith

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Application process; bi-weekly meetings; active participation


    MEETING DAYS/TIMES:   day varies per week

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/868


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: National Junior Honor Society

    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in the students of Marlboro Middle School.

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Kate Plover

    ADVISORS ROLE: Facilitator


    1. Candidates eligible for selection to this chapter must be in the seventh grade.
    2. Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have a cumulative average of 90 percent in sixth grade (with a core class average of 90 percent) and a minimum average of 90 percent in each of the first three quarters of seventh grade (with a core class average of 90 percent). The core classes are Social Studies, Science, ELA, and Math.
    3. Upon meeting the grade level, enrollment, and GPA standards, candidates shall then be considered based on their service, leadership, character, and citizenship.


    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Monthly meetings (Wednesdays)

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/502


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: Student Council

    ADVISORS:  Mrs. Kassia Connors

    ADVISORS ROLE: To encourage student leadership.  To run elections for student representatives.  To plan fundraisers to support student activities.  To organize and run student activities and service projects, as decided by Student Council.

    OBJECTIVE: To provide an opportunity for school leadership so concerns and ideas of middle school students can be addressed.  Student council will also initiate activities such as fundraising in order to provide financial support for social activities and service projects.


    ACTIVITY DURATION: September through June


    WEBSITE: https://www.marlboroschools.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=831


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    OBJECTIVE: For each participant to collaborate, learn terms and skills used in the TV industry, and to create awesome tv segments to share with the school

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Raquel Piazza

    ADVISORS ROLE: The advisor will teach the students the skills and terms needed, oversee team projects, facilitate the use of recording equipment, and ensure that students are able to participate in a safe,  inclusive, and enjoyable learning environment.

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Students and parents must sign a contract which states that the student will abide by the rules of the club and the school rules for use of school property. Students must actively participate in lessons and activities, or they will not be allowed to continue to attend club meetings. Inclusive behavior is important to this club as all students are expected to work together on projects. A respectful attitude towards teachers, other members, and school equipment is expected at all times. 

    ACTIVITY DURATION: September - May

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: We will meet formally 2 mondays each month, but students will be expected to work on projects on their own time with their TV Teams. Each team will schedule additional meetings to work with me as small group.

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/858


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: Voice Ensemble

    OBJECTIVE: Select Chorus: to provide a opportunity for students to participate in an extracurricular choral program that challenges them to do more difficult repertoire and performs in district and locally

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Stephanie Corbett

    ADVISORS ROLE: Choral Director

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Auditioned 7th and 8th graders who are part of the chorus program


    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday 



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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: Yearbook Club

    OBJECTIVE: To assist in the creation of the Marlboro Middle School yearbook. Students will design pages, edit photos, and help advertise the sales of yearbooks. 


    ADVISORS ROLE: To develop, help, and edit the pages that students create. To take the photographs and work cooperatively with Jostens Inc. To coordinate the fundraisers that allow the yearbooks to be sold at an affordable price. 

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Students must be willing to stay after school. Students may not be disruptive to the creative process and may not have disciplinary issues.

    ACTIVITY DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes. September to March. 

    MEETING DAYS/TIMES: Two or three times a month 

    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/185


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME:  6th grade - Class of 2027

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Donna Cerchia

    ADVISORS ROLE: The role as class advisor is to have an open door at all times.  The advisors also act as liaison between class members, faculty members, and the administration

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Open to all 6th Graders

    ACTIVITY DURATION: September through June


    WEBSITE: https://ny24000063.schoolwires.net/domain/866


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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: 7th Grade Class - Class of 2026

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Kathy Arrotta

    ADVISORS ROLE: The role as class advisor is to have an open door at all times.  The advisors also organize the class trip to Boston and the Moving Up dance in June.  The advisors also act as liaison between class members, faculty members, and the administration

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Open to all 7th graders

    ACTIVITY DURATION: September through June




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    CLUB/ACTIVITY NAME: 8th Grade - Class of 2025

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Connie Kane 

    ADVISORS ROLE:  The role of class advisor is to have an open door at all times.  The advisors organize the class trip to Washington, D.C. and the Moving Up ceremony in June.  The advisors also act as liaisons between class members, faculty members, and the administration

    OBJECTIVE: To help students socially and emotionally

    MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Open to all 8th graders

    ACTIVITY DURATION: September through June




    CLUB/ACTIVTY NAME: Project Lit 

    ADVISOR:   Mrs. Alicia Hudak 

    ADVISORS ROLE: The role of the advisor is to promote culturally-relevant middle grade and young adult texts to students and to establish a community of fellowship and enjoyment from award winning authors.   

    OBJECTIVE: To helps students foster a love of reading through table discussions, trivia, prizes and refreshments. 





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