• Kathy Rogers-Carroll
    School Phone: 236-5810
    IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Covid-19 School Closing:
    Hope you are all doing well and adjusting to this new situation. Stay safe and keep washing those hands :)
    SC and ICT Global 9: (Google Classroom Code - 3d4fv7o)
    ***Students in Kathy Rogers-Carroll's SC Global and ICT class with Mr. Baulsir were given a folder of global assignments and homework until 4/27. This included a 5 day break for spring break (4/6-4/10) Ideally, students will complete these assignments on Google Classrrom where they can turn them in on-line and receive feedback and grades. Students must sign in using their school Google accounts for the lessons. For youtube videos, students should use a home account or the video may be blocked. The lessons include video clips and reading. Students may use tools such as text reader apps and voice typing to complete the work on-line. The assignments are scheduled, and students will receive one per day. If students don't have internet access, they can still complete much of the work on the paper copies and turn these in when able. This should be a last resort. Some of the work will have to be skipped, but overall most can be completed with or without internet. I will host a Google Meet daily at 9am M-F, The link will be posted on Google classroom to assist students who would like to complete the assignments with me.  
    Resource Room 9-10 (Google Classroom Code -x5mtihc)
    ***Students in Period 7+8 Resource Room
    I have scheduled Regents review materials, and career exploration activities to be sent daily from our Google Classroom. You should complete these on-line and submit. Many are activities from study.com. Additionally, if you need specific help with assignments at home please email me directly to set up a Google meet to do the work. In general I will make sure to be available daily for a group Google meet. There will be a link posted on Google Classroom each morning M-F. 
    Global 10 ICT with Mr. Baulsir
    Please email me  to schedule a Google Meet if you would like assistance with any Global assignments.
    Homework Help:
    2:40-3:15  by appointment in Room 19
    *Sign up the day before on the classroom clipboard and participate in class to attend
    See full size image

    Period 1 (7:32-8:18)  Room 19 SC Global 1

    Period 2 (8:21-9:04) Prep Room 19
    Period 3 (9:07-9:50) ICT Global 10 Room 42
    Period 4 (9:52-10:35) ICT Global 9 Room 19
    Period 5 (10:39-11:22) Lunch
    Period 6 (11:25-12:08) Hall Duty
    Period 7 (12:11-12:54) Resource Room 19
    Period 8 (12:56-1:40)  Resource Room 19
    Period 9 (1:43-2:26) Prep Room 19
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