Rosanne Mele

    Assistant Superintendent for Business & Personnel



     Susan Canfield -Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Business & Personnel

    Tax Collector


    845-236-8000 x1400

    FAX: 845-795-5905

     Marlboro Central School District Business Office

    845-236-8000   FAX:845-795-5903


    Suzanne Smith – Business Manager   Suzanne.Smith@marlboroschools.org    x1405

    Jackie Kitson - Sr. Account Clerk/Accounts Payable   Jackie.Kitson@marlboroschools.org   x1409

    Michele Landis – Payroll  Michele.Landis@marlboroschools.org   x1408

    Amy Ludwigson – Claims Auditor   Amy.Ludwigson@marlboroschools.org   x1407

    Debbie Pagano – District Treasurer   Debbie.Pagano@marlboroschools.org   x1406