• Lessons Week of 11/18

    Mon Nov 18 (A DAY)

    Group D: 1st Per. (8 Clarinet)
    Group A: 2nd Per. (7/8 Flutes)
    Group B: 8th Per. (7/8 Sax)
    Group C: 9th Per. (7 Clarinet)

    Tues Nov 19 (B DAY)

    Group G: 1st Per. (6 Sax/Bass Clarinet)
    Group E: 2nd Per. (6 Flute)
    Group F: 7th Per. (6 Clarinet)

    Wed Nov 20 (C DAY)

    Group K: 1st Per. (7 New Instrument)
    Group H: 2nd Per. (7 Trumpet 1)
    Group I: 8th Per. (8 Trumpet)
    Group J: 9th Per. (8 Trumpet 2)

    Thurs Nov 21 (D DAY)

    Group N: 1st Per. (6 Oboe)
    Group L: 2nd Per. (6 Trumpet 1)
    Group M: 7th Per. (6 Trumpet 2)

    Fri Nov 22

    Group R: 1st Per. (7/8 Horn)
    Group O: 2nd Per. (7/8 Low Brass)
    Group P: 8th Per. (7/8 Low WW)
    Group Q: 9th Per. (7/8 Percussion)


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