• For Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers 

    You are amazing! You are juggling the most there is to juggle in this, very, topsy-turvy world. I wanted to provide some articles and resources to help guide you in managing some of the many stressors you balance on a regular basis. 



    Usually we know when we, the adult, are feeling anxious. We can recognize our feelings, events that may cause us stress, and how the stress will manifest physically. For children, it may not be so easy. As we teach them about these feelings, emotional and physical, it can also be helpful to recognize some warning signs within them. Click here for information about how to identify stress and anxiety in children. 


    Children are more likely to retain a concept when it is reinforced in many areas of their lives. School is teaching them about taking care of themselves, and so are you! Sometimes taking care of our emotional and mental wellness falls second to our physical well being. Here is an article about the benefits of mindfulness.