• Addition, Subtraction and Fluency:

    With Dice:

    Roll two dices.  Have your child make an addition sentence using the numbers.  Have them write all the fact families.

    Example:  If they roll a 3 and 4.  3 + 4 =7   Then  4 +3 = 7    7 - 4 = 3    7 - 3 = 4

    They can compare the 2 numbers they rolled.  Which one is greater and which one is less.  How many less?    If they roll a 6 and a 3. 6 is more than 3.  3 is less than 6.  How many less? 3  You might need to help them understand this by lining up pennies or goldfish.  6 in one row and 3 in another.  How many fish don't have a partner?

    With Cards (only 2-9):

    Play the compare game with cards.  Split the deck between two of you.  Say "1,2,3,flip" and each of you flips a card over.  Who ever has the greater number says "MINE!" and keeps the cards.  If they numbers are equal, you take your own card back.  Keep playing until one player has all the cards.

    Adding:  Flip 2 cards over and add the number together.    Try turning 3 cards over and adding them together.  Remind your child to use their strategies for figuring it out.

    Subtracting:  Flip 2 and have your child subtract. Have them come up with an addition problem also.


    Recognizing coins and how much they are worth.


    Telling time to the hour and half hour.  You can write numbers on a big piece of paper.  Then have the children put the numbers on the floor in a circle like a clock. Make 2 arrows, a minute hand and an hour hand.  Start by showing your child what 1:00 looks like, 4:00, explain that when the minute hand (longer) is pointing to the 12 it means o'clock or :00.  Have your child show you different time to the hour.  Then work on half hour, another day.  Explain the minute hand travels half way around the circle.  So it is half past the hour or ?:30.  Show them some times and emphasis the hour hand begin between 2 numbers.  You always say the number the hour hand just pasted.



    You can have your child measure things around the house.  Have them measure with pennies, a shoelace, goldfish.  It is important to emphasis the starting point for measuring. making sure their is no space between the pennies when measuring, etc. 

Last Modified on March 16, 2020