• Welcome to the Transition's Classroom!  Since Middle School is a time of many changes, Transition's is the name of our Middle School Life Skill's program.  Our classroom consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  Reading is a vital life skill, and our curriculum throughout the day revolves around reading.  We want our students to become the best readers they can be and to reach their full potential. Another focus is on real-life math skills such as: telling time, the calendar, money, and the basics of addition and subtraction.  In Science and Social Studies we cover the seasons, geography, temperature, current events, nutrition and holidays to name a few. Social Skills are another important aspect of adolescence. Through role-playing and modeling students are taught how to interact appropriately with their peers and adults. The long-term hope for our students is that they become independent life learners who will make a smooth transition to High School.  
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Last Modified on March 10, 2015