• Reading is essential in every grade and in all subjects. It is important that it is also incorporated at home as much as possible.  Your child will progress by reading a book that is on their independent reading level. Reading the right leveled book will allow your student to comprehend and practice their strategies without struggling. This will allow your reader to enjoy the process as well. 

    If you would like to challenge your reader, you can read with them at their instructional reading level. This should be done with guidance by you or another experienced reader who can question them as they read to make sure they pronounce words correctly, understand vocabulary words and what they are reading.

    I ask that you use the following website to help pick a book at your child’s level; Book Wizard. There is also a FREE app to this website. Search “Book Wizard” by Scholastic to have this handy tool with you at all times.

    How to use Book Wizard

       * If your child already has a book in mind you can search the level by using the search engine at the top of the website. If the book can be found on the site, then click on the picture and it will give you a Quick Look. Once the Quick Look appears look at Guided Reading level to see if this is the right book for your child.

    ** If you would like a list of books at your child’s level, select Reading level in the white bar on the left side of the screen under The Teacher Store. Click on Guided Reading and select your child's reading level. Please keep in mind that instructional levels are meant to be read together with an experienced reader. Levels below instructional level can be read independently to practice fluency, comprehension and for enjoyment. 


    What is the difference between 

    independent and instructional reading level?


    An independent reading level is the level at which a child can read a text on his/her own with ease. The child makes hardly any errors when reading the text and has excellent comprehension of the story. The child can read the story alone with confidence.


    An instructional reading level is the level at which a child needs the support of a teacher, parent, or tutor. This is the level where students are introduced to new vocabulary, concepts and asked guided questions to enhance their understanding of the text.  



Last Modified on November 23, 2020