Course Weighting and Honor Roll Requirements




    All courses receive a numerical grade and weight (see below).
    The quarterly averages on report cards, GPA and class rank reflect the weighted average.



                       Honors courses 1.05



                       College courses 1.07


                       Advanced Placement (AP) courses 1.07


                       Regents classes and all other courses receive a weight of 1.0


     EXAMPLE:  Final Average of a Course x Weight of the Course x Credit of Course

    Honor Roll Requirements
    The Honor Roll is calculated at the end of each quarter.
    Honor Roll with Distinction - A student must have an overall average of 90 percent or above in all academic areas, including physical education.
    Honor Roll - A student must have an overall average between 85 percent and 89.99 percent in all academic areas including physical education.
    *Averages are not rounded-up.