• Resource Room Guidelines

    Kathy Rogers-Carroll


    Philosophy The purpose of the resource room is to provide academic support for students. Individual and small group instruction will reinforce curriculum in the mainstream classes. In addition, consistent mini-lessons will address areas such as the following:

    *Vocabulary development


    *Reading Comprehension

    *Test-taking strategies

    *Study skills

    *Career skills

    *Listening Skills

    *Writing Skills


    1)      Reinforce the regular education class

    2)      Work on IEP goals and objectives

    3)      Provide testing modifications

    Assessment Procedures:

    1)      Quarterly IEP progress reports sent home

    2)      Progress report 

    3)      Communication with classroom teacher regarding students participation

    Student Responsibilities:

    1) Students are expected to bring their daily homework/materials from their general education class.

    2)     Students are to be on time for class.

    3)     Be prepared and ready to work.

    Parent Communication:

    Please feel free to call me anytime.

    I can be reached at 236-5810 during school hours

    I can be reached via e-mail at Kathy.Rogers-Carroll@marlboroschools.org
    (Please e-mail me your cell phone number if you want even quicker communication)
    Remote Learning Addendum:
    Resource Room is a scheduled class. Attendance will be taken daily. Each session will begin with a check-in followed by break out groups to work on skills and assignments. Additionally, students may make arrangements for 1:1 Google Meets for assistance Mondays, (Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1+2:30-3) or (Wednesday/Friday 2-2:30) 
Last Modified on September 2, 2020