• Marlboro High School Instrumental Music

    Course Syllabus



    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Please read this syllabus over with your child, sign and complete the contact information page, and have your child return the final page by Friday, September 13th.


    I. Course Outline

    By participating in band and/or wind ensemble, students will further develop instrumental technique and musicianship skills.  Students will meet in small group lessons once per week during the school day where they will learn and be assessed on technical exercises and ensemble music.  Performances throughout the year will showcase the students’ musical progress.


    II. Supplies

    Students are REQUIRED to have all necessary equipment with them every day.  This includes:
    • Instrument in working condition
    • Woodwinds: Reeds (have more than one available to use!); swab & cleaning rod
    • Brass: Valve oil, mutes
    • Percussion: Drum sticks
    • Sharpened pencil


    For your convenience, D & M Music visits MHS each Thursday to pick up and drop off instruments needing repair and any supplies needed for your child.  Please call D & M at (845) 635-1120 before Thursday of each week if you would like to take advantage of this service.


    III. Grading Procedure

    Students’ quarterly grades are based on:
                a) lesson attendance- 30%      
                b) lesson preparation- 30%                
                c) performance attendance- 30%
                            (See the attached list of required performances for the year.)
                d) performance preparation- 10%

    Ability to successfully perform at each event, including having required music, instrument, instrument                 accessories (reeds, oil, mutes, sticks, etc.), and appropriate dress.  Dress for concerts and NYSSMA Majors is black dress clothes, including black socks and shoes. 

    IV. Band Lessons & Make Up Policy


    Students will be assigned to a group according to ability level.  Each group will have a designated letter day (A-F) to attend lessons.  Students will each choose a convenient period on their designated day and sign up on the lesson board.  Students must obtain a signed lesson pass from Ms. Santacroce and give it to their classroom teacher before coming to their lesson.  The period selected must be rotated by the student, as not to miss the same class twice in a row.  This system works best at the high school level because of the many honor and AP classes of which band students are frequently enrolled.
    In addition to attendance, students will be graded on the preparation of their band assignments each week during their lessons.  Students will be given a weekly assignment, comprised of scales or rudiments, exercises in the method books, and excerpts from concert music.  Consider lesson assignments as homework for band class, as student must practice at home throughout the week to be successful.


    Students who are unable to attend their pull out lesson on their scheduled day (ex. due to exams) may reschedule with Ms. Santacroce in advance for that week.  Make-up lessons are offered everyday during Lunch 1 (10:54-11:20) and after school.   Students may only use the “Make Up” periods twice per quarter.


    V. Communication


    Attached is a list of instrumental music events for the year.  Please make sure to mark calendars now to avoid conflicts later.  Should an emergency or family function (wedding, death in the family, etc.) arise, a note from the parent/guardian must be emailed or sent in to Ms. Santacroce in advance of the absence.
    If there is a question or concern regarding instrumental music at MHS, please feel free to email Ms. Santacroce at jennifer.santacroce@marlboroschools.org or call the school at 236-5810. 


    VI. Extra Help


    Ms. Santacroce is available for help during the day (specific periods TBA) or after school.  Please make an appointment at least one day in advance for any after school help.

    MHS Instrumental Music Performances


    Required Performances:




    Winter Concert


    Wednesday, December 4th  

    7:00 PM

    Report time: 6:30 PM

    Snowdate: Dec. 10th

    Scholarship Concert

    MHS auditorium

    Tuesday, February 11th

    6:00 PM

    Report time: TBA

    Snowdate: Feb. 12th

    NYSSMA Majors



    Spring Concert


    Wednesday, May 7th

    7:00 PM

    Report time: 6:30 PM



    Friday, June 21st

    Report time: TBD

    Raindate: June 22nd



    Optional Events:

    November 22nd & 23rd: Area All-State Festival, Tri-Valley High School

    January 11th (snowdate January 12th): Freshman All County Band Auditions

    February 8th: Junior High All County Band Rehearsal (Freshmen)

    March 7th-9th: NYSBDA Statewide Honor Band

    March 14th & 15th (snowdate March 28th & 29th): All County Band Festival


    TBD: NYSSMA Solo Festival
    We have read the guidelines and expectations of the MHS Instrumental Music Program.  We have taken note of all required performances for the year and understand the band lesson policy. 



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    Please return by Friday, September 13th.
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