All students enrolled in concert band and/or wind ensemble are required to attend one pull-out music lesson per cycle (once every 6 days).  Students will each be assigned a day in the A-F cycle to attend their lesson.  Students will be able to sign up for the period that best works for them.  Band Lessons are offered Periods 2, 7 and 8.  Make-up Lessons are offered daily during Lunch 1 (10:54-11:17).  


    Students must sign up for a lesson time on the board in the band in room before their lesson day.


    Students will obtain a lesson pass from Ms. Santacroce at the beginning of their lesson day, report to their class first to give their classroom teacher their lesson pass.  Students will then report to the band room.

    It is the students’ responsibility to make up any missed class work, as outlined by their teacher.  Students are to plan their lesson period in advance to avoid scheduling their band lesson when an exam is occurring in their class.
    Teachers may deny excusal of a student for his/her band lesson only if there is an exam being given on that day or if the student is currently failing the course.