• Chorus and Voice Ensemble


    Teacher:  Tanya Long

    Room:  Auditorium

    Time:  9TH Period


    Let me begin by stating how glad I am that you wish to partake in the Choral Arts.  This syllabus will provide you with vital grading and concert information.  You should keep it in a folder so you can refer to it from time to time.




    Every student begins the year with 75 points.  Points are subsequently added or deducted as the year progresses.  A grade of 100 points is earned, and is not given away easily. Below is a list of how student grades are configured:


          1. Attendance:  Attendance for Chorus is the main priority.  10 points will be deducted from a student’s overall grade for an illegal absence.  If a student knows they are going to miss chorus for reasons other than illness or absence from school, it is the student’s responsibility to inform me of the reasons prior to the absence.  If no explanation is given, the absence will be considered illegal and 10 points will be deducted.


          2. Performances:  See the schedule of performances planned for the Chorus this year.  Those performance marked with an * are required.  If a required performance is missed, 15 points will be deducted from the student’s grade. 


          3. Effort:  A portion of the student’s grade is based upon how hard he or she tries to improve their own singing and the overall sound of the chorus.  Talking in class, being late, not coming to lessons, missing performances, defacing the auditorium, destroying music, fighting, behaving disrespectfully towards me and others, are all serious issues that affect my standards and the quality of your education.  It is important that everyone tries their best at all times to maintain a mature attitude and to work towards the goals I set for you.


    4. All-County, NYSSMA, the Musical, and Other Festivals: These events are not required, but if a student attempts to participate in them, it will add 5 points to their grade per event.




Last Modified on October 1, 2011