Planetarium Image
    Originally built in 1967, the Marlboro High School Planetarium has served the community for more than 40 years. The original director was Mr. John Haluska until the mid 70's, followed by Mr. Mike Gosiewski for more than 30 years. In 2008/9, Mr. Robert DeMarco (who had been an Earth Science teacher with the distrit for several years) became the director and currently teaches Astronomy classes and hosts the elementary visitations under the dome. Over the years, the original Spitz A3P Projector (a popular projection system installed at schools and colleges across the country built during the space race) became obsolete, and although still functioning, it became difficult to repair and was extremely limited in it's capability. Thanks to endless grant writing and exploration for funding, during the summer of 2009 the planetarium received a much needed renovation. This included new perimeter lighting, dimmable LED cove lighting, a new carpet, new ceiling tiles, and a fresh coat of paint. During the summer of 2010, a state of the art, digital Spitz SciDome planetarium projection system was installed. This system allows the audience to be transported anywhere in space and time. The computers that power the system have over 500 million items in the database. Under the 24' dome, a new digitally recreated panoramic image of our athletic field serves as our "home" location and vantage point on the universe. Landing on the surface of other planets, flying through space, simulating a lunar landing, zooming in to the
    surface of Mars, flying entirely out of the Milky Way and looking back, and positioning ourselves to watch rotation and revolution of objects are some of the audience favorites. The facility hosts all elementary students each year with curricula specific to each grade level. Nursery school holiday shows, cub scouts, boy scouts, and adult education courses are also popular events. A Bose surround sound speaker system and a subwoofer contribute to the experience with crystal clear audio. 32 reclined chairs with fold up tablets were installed over the summer of 2011.
    Contact the director, Mr. Robert DeMarco to schedule a group event or inquire about upcoming events. demarcor@marlboroschools.org
Last Modified on December 4, 2013