• Internet Sources

    The Internet
    Although the Web is the first place many students look for 
    information, you must be careful when obtaining information. Unlike 
    the print publishing industry, where editors and 
    publishing houses are held accountable for what their writers say, 
    anyone can say anything on the Internet regardless of whether or not 
    it is true. For this reason, Web resources must be very carefully 
    evaluated. Use library resources first, then, when you have a good 
    background in your topic, check out what the Web has to offer and 
    carefully evaluate what you find there. Use a good search engine and 
    plan your search carefully. Ask yourself the following questions 
    before you decide to use a site for your research: 
    Source -- Who is the author? What are his or her credentials? Does 
    the author list his sources? 
    Affiliation/Bias/Purpose -- Is the page associated with an 
    identifiable organization of some kind? If so , have you ever heard 
    of it and is it reliable? Does this association influence the point 
    of view of the information on the page? Who is the intended audience 
    for this page? 
    Currency -- When was this page created? Last updated? Are these 
    factors important to your research?

Last Modified on August 31, 2010