Ms. Susan Horton, President
    Mr. Frank Milazzo, Vice President
    Mr. Russell Conley
    Mr. James Kuha
    Mr. John Cantone
    Ms. JoAnn Reed


    Mr. Patrick Witherow
    Phone:   845.236.5803
    Fax:       845.795.5903


    Through Board of Education policy and oversight, enable the MSCD to create an environment and reputation that is highly regarded for its academic excellence, advancement of the arts, successful and participative athletic programs, and for developing our future leaders, all resulting in continuous improvement of the community in which it operates.

    Goals and Beliefs


    1.  The Board of Education is committed to excellence. To that end, the Board of Education, in collaboration with the educational community, will evaluate policies and academic programs and commit to excellence in supporting quality programs which help students excel academically, socially, emotionally and physically. This sets an example of an evaluation cycle which fosters continuous improvement in all facets of our educational community.

    2.  The Board of Education is committed to managing the finances entrusted to it by the taxpayers of the Marlboro Central School District. To this end the Board will work diligently to find the appropriate balance between providing and expanding student programs in support of the district visions and goals, and optimizing and reducing operating costs resulting in minimal or reduced tax liabilities to the community members living within our school district.

    3.  Continue practices that encourage and assure transparency in Board and administrative operations and communication of school district events, news and achievements through a variety of media; i.e. website, text, social media, news media, newsletters, etc.

    4.  Support a K-12 structure with program options at all levels that have the pathways and supports which allow students to graduate with the most advanced degree possible, with a rich array of courses on their transcript, and the highest GPA/Class rank attainable for each student.

    5.  The Board of Education is committed to work with the Administrative team to develop a results driven measurement system which leverages various sources of data to gain insights in order to monitor and validate that our programs, policies and staff investments are generating the desired outcomes and driving continuous improvements.

    6.  Support the administrative and teaching communities in their efforts to further the understanding and use of STEM technologies within the school district, and to enable and inspire students to obtain the right skills and experiences to prepare them for STEM related academic and career paths.

    Communication with the Board of Education
    To inform the Board of Education of an opinion, please contact the District Clerk at (845) 236-5802. 
    In an effort to keep the community more informed about Marlboro's Board of Education meetings, we will be posting the board agenda on this website.  Below is a list of the Board meetings for the 2016-2017 school year.  Every Tuesday before the Board meetings, we will be posting the agenda and minutes. Just click on the date of the board meeting and either view or download the agenda.  Please note that the agenda is subject to minor changes as necessary.
    Official Board of Education minutes will be posted on the left side of this website as soon as they are officially approved by the Board of Education.

    School Board Work Session Meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month. (except those indicated)  Regular School Board Meetings will be held each third Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 7:30 P.M.and are typoically held at the shared district and town hall meeting room (court room) at the lower level of the Marlboro Administration Building, located at 21 Milton Turnpike, Milton, New York. 12547 unless posted otherwise.