Happy Thursday everyone! I hope that you are all staying healthy & safe! By now, you may be bored with TV, your phones, video games, social media, etc. You may be wondering what else you can do other than help your parents clean, cook, take care of younger siblings, etc. Many of you may also be curious as to what will happen for the rest of the school year. I wonder the same thing. For now, please keep up to date by checking Google Classroom daily/regularly.

    I will be posting materials for review, new information on the remaining units, informal (not graded, at this time) assessments so you can get feedback on what you need to study more for the Regents (if & when that may happen is still an unknown), as well as Regents Review materials & assignments.

    PLEASE, reach out to me via email if you have specific questions/concerns or just need to talk about the current situation in the world. It's important that you stay connected with people even though everyone is practicing social distancing. So continue to talk to your friends and family however you can.

    Welcome!  My name is Ms. Schlagler and I'm excited to be your science teacher. 


    Please visit your class's Google Classroom for notes, HW assignments, resources, and important reminders.  

    GRADING POLICY: Weighting subject to change throughout the year; LATE work NOT accepted, unless sick.

    Tests = 35%

    Quizzes = 20%

    Classwork = 10% 

    Homework = 10%

    Labs = 25% (Grade from Lab Teacher)

    Final Course Average: 20% from each of the four (4) quarters, 5% Mid-Term exam, 15% Regents/Final Exam

    Free Periods: 3rd, 6th, & 9th

    Extra Help:  I am available after school most days.  Let's discuss a time when we both can meet for extra help.
    About Ms. Schlagler:
    I enjoy teaching in the Marlboro Central School District and have previously taught at both the Fallsburg and the Newburgh Enlarged City School Districts. Prior to teaching, I conducted cancer research at the Sloan-Kettering Institute and was a pharmaceutical sales representative for Eli Lilly and Company. I received my BA in Biology from New York University, an MS in Cell Biology and Genetics from Weill-Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and my MAT from SUNY Empire State College. I am certified to teach Biology and General Science.